SmartResilience for Brokers

Build property resilience and reduce insured losses

The Challenge

The insurance industry has a significant part to play in helping to promote societal resilience, especially in an era when climate change is bringing greater exposure to risks such as wind storms and summer heatwaves, whilst extreme flood events are growing in frequency. Additionally, the speed and scale of the digital evolution today has increased expectations for personalised, timely and context specific information.

Insurance brokers in particular have the difficult task of balancing the expectations of their customers while constantly proving the value they deliver to the insurers by reducing the frequency and scale of losses. To achieve this, brokers need to exploit new sources of exposure data, to understand repeatable patterns in claims events and develop advanced digital methods of communication with customers. By embracing innovative technology, insurance brokers can ensure they stay ahead of current events.

The Solution

Through emerging technology, use of data and AI algorithms, Balkerne’s real-time risk prevention service enriches your brokerage offering and provides a crucial layer of protection to your clients. The SmartResilience risk prevention software platform helps insurance brokers understand the value at risk, protect insured assets, reduce losses, minimise the need to claim on insurance and help their clients prepare for the consequences of climate change.

By using the SmartResilience platform, you gain the advantage of being able to notify the right people before a loss event occurs, supporting your customers while simultaneously delivering value to the insurers. In addition, the platform facilitates the creation of deeper relationships based on awareness, trust and empathy, between the broker, insurer and customers, resulting in enhanced customer loyalty and a truly differentiated brokerage offer in an ever-demanding market.

Benefits for Brokers

User-friendly platform to preemptively notify customers so they can react before a potential loss event through insurance as a service

Analytics dashboard at your fingertips to monitor customer risks and upselling opportunities as and when they happen

Intelligently engage with customers and gain competitive advantage through next-gen innovation

Potential to give clients access to their own dashboard, white-labelled to your own branding