SmartResilience for Corporates

Build property resilience, reduce business interruption and confidently navigate an emerging crisis

The Challenge

As organisations grow in scale and complexity, so does their exposure to risk. Large corporates with numerous individual properties dispersed across many countries and time zones face continual challenges from extreme weather and man-made events, which threaten the integrity of properties and the delivery of business operations.

Gaining an information edge has never been more important to businesses seeking to proactively limit the effects of a pending crisis. Achieving an immediate and thorough understanding of any developing risk event is fundamental to having the right insights to make well informed decisions and trigger effective action.

The Solution

Balkerne’s SmartResilience offers complete situational awareness within one digital platform, providing a critical layer of protection to your business.

The SmartResilience platform enables asset owners to understand in detail risks to their asset portfolio, by leveraging real-time data from over 35 different sources to build dynamic location intelligence and a comprehensive early warning system, offering companies crucial time to respond adequately.

Benefits for Corporates

Track core company asset data alongside third party risk data feeds in real-time, giving organisations complete situational awareness from a single source

Utilise dynamic risk data to prevent losses, minimise disruption and save on business interruption costs

Facilitate collaboration between internal and external teams to effectively handle and streamline crisis management activity

Integrate activity updates from all stakeholders on a unified dashboard