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Stonehaven Technology demonstrates the Guardian Risk Management Application to ALS Media

ALS Media

Stonehaven Technology visited ALS Media in the heart of the City of London to give a demonstration of 'Guardian', the versatile Risk Management Enterprise Application and to discuss emerging technology trends and risk management requirements across the world of insurance. ALS Media is a dynamic media company covering the international insurance risk market and publishers of World Risk Insight and MAT Risk Insight.

After seeing Guardian, Jon Guy, Managing Director of ALS Media commented, 'The sheer versatility provided by the integration of a range of data sources, intuitive interfaces and immediate presentation of critical information will undoubtedly prove to be very attractive to different economic sectors. The insurance industry are always pursuing better ways of both making use of and understanding a range of data sources. This application, Guardian, can meet many analytical and risk management requirements of companies and it will be very interesting to see which modules prove to have the greatest demand.'

Guardian is a risk management enterprise application developed over a number of years by Stonehaven Technology and applicable to any company with a number of geographically dispersed assets.

World Risk Insight

MAT Risk Insight